She offered to do what for a ride home?!?

For those two or three people who have read my blog before, you are probably aware that I keep it pretty g-rated. In fact, I would say it’s darn right wholesome. But sometimes, I wonder if this is the way to go. Believe me; I could have a completely separate “adults only” blog which would be quite R-rated. Many of the conversations I’ve had, and many things I’ve witnessed…. Oh boy! In this day and age, people really share (overshare). Pedicab confessions to say the least! “You are going to do what when you get home?” “You want to do what on the back of my pedicab?” I would say I blush at least two or three times a night and that’s not something I easily do. Some of the things I’ve been asked! Some of the things I’ve been offered! Some of the body parts I’ve been shown! Despite the temptation, I think I’m going to keep the blog g-rated for now.  I guess I’ll save all the really good stories for the book. So, for the two, twenty-something girls I pedaled home last Friday at 2:00 a.m., and for the couple I dropped off behind The Inn Place on Saturday, and for the woman who showed me those interesting pictures on her phone… your stories are safe… for now!

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Atheist and theists and even a violin monster


I have to admit before I started this business, I was not quite aware of all that Royal Oak had to offer. Sure I knew about the all the great restaurants and the bar scene, but there is so much more. On some nights you can find up to a half a dozen musicians and street performers on various corners. You can hear everything from blues to jazz to folk and every now and then there is even a violin monster. (He’s a werewolf who plays violin and howls when you tip him, as if you needed an explanation.) There are hip hop dancers and tap dancers and even an occasional mime. I know crazy huh? Mimes still exist! Also, there are numerous characters and regulars who seemingly hang out on a nightly basis. I know a few of the names, I know a lot of the faces, and I know virtually all of their dogs.   Then there are also people who are trying to advance their causes: Christians and atheists and hare Krishnas and others. (Although, technically I guess the hare Krishnas qualify as musicians, just not very good ones.) The picture above is of an atheist and a Christian, who agreed to pose together for me. The atheists are there almost every Saturday trying to explain their (non) beliefs to people. Our Christian friend is a semi- regular. Now, when I asked these two to pose for me did I rip them from some heated argument? Were they in the process of killing each other and meeting their maker (and non-maker)? No, they were conversing quite amicably. I’m sure they were debating, but it was on a very civil level. It was nice to see two people with such polar opposite beliefs getting along so well. Obviously, with such good behavior, these two have no future in politics!


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Arts, Beats, and Eats… and cuteness… and drunken debauchery!

This lovely young lady is my good friend Montana. I had the pleasure of taking her and her mother (Kacey) and her grandmother (Renee) to and from their car during Arts, Beats, and Eats this weekend. This photo is a good reminder to me that Arts, Beats and Eats is a wonderful, family event,and it’s not all about drunken debauchery. (Although, drunken debauchery is a good portion of it). Let’s just put it this way: Montana behaved much better than many of the adults I carted around the past couple of days! Now, I’m not really complaining. Transporting people who have enjoyed a few adult beverages is a big part of what I do and we are all grateful that these people are taking a ride on a pedicab and not driving. On this holiday weekend though, people seem to take it to a whole other level. From the gentleman who had to pick up his wife off the sidewalk to get her in the pedicab, to the fifty-year-old ladies who tried to light up a joint as I took them home (I had to just say no and make them put it out), to the healer/witch who gave me a pearl to ward off evil spirits, it’s been an entertaining weekend, to say the least. Oh, and full disclosur: I have to admit stupidity isn’t exclusive to the drunks. I may have topped them all. For one ride, I loaded five people on the back of the pedicab! Even though they were small, it was a bit much. A police officer pointed out to me that it probably wasn’t the safest thing to do and he” suggested” I should probably keep it to three passengers or less. That’s a suggestion my knees and I will gladly abide by. Anyway, I’ll be back at it again today, so if you’re in Royal Oak, hail me down!

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Mary’s birthday parade.

Mary’s Annual Birthday Parade

If you didn’t witness Mary’s fifth annual birthday parade this past Saturday, than you really need to question what you are doing with your life. To say it was a blast, would be a major understatement! The Mary I’m referring to is of course, Mary Matijow Thumm. Five years ago, on a drunken bet with her friend Laura, she held an impromptu birthday parade and like everything that starts with a drunken bet, it turned out to be a great idea. The parade has grown in size and magnitude every year and this year I was honored to be part of it. The birthday girl, dressed as Marie Antoinette, rode around in the back of my pedicab, as we led the parade. There was a spaghetti man with a megaphone, a gorilla, an Uncle Sam on stilts, and countless others. We paraded down the streets of Royal Oak much to the delight of the crowds, and we even stopped at Drag Queen bingo! The drag queen thought we were a bunch of weirdos! How cool is that?!?  The parade finished off back at the VFW hall, were it started at, and Mary and her friends finished off the night with games and music and a few adult beverages. My job is fun, did I mention that?!?

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Four people?!? Never again!!!

It was late Saturday night, or I guess technically early Sunday Morning. I was feeling cocky, I admit it. I had just taken a fare to John R north of 11 mile, the farthest I had gone. So when the girl asked me if I could take four passengers at one time, I didn’t immediately say no. I looked the bunch over, four  twenty something females, not  a big one in the group. I wanted to see if I could do it. I felt up to the challenge. I told them to climb on.  I wasn’t a long ride, from O’toole’s to Mr. B’s. As I slowly got started, people doubted me, my passengers and pedestrians alike. The openly  mocked me as I grunted and grimaced and struggled to get moving. My legs screamed, my bike groaned(or was that me) but I slowly, painstakingly made my way. I faced many obstacles along the way:red lights, pedestrians. one of the girls excessively touching my backside, but I overcame it all. I would not be deterred. Finally, I got them to their destination! There was applause and cheers at the end  ( OK, not really, but there was a drunk guy who seemed thoroughly impressed) and as I unloaded my fares, I knew that the next time someone asked me if I could take four people at once, I could look then in the eye and say,”Hell no!!!!”

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Anniverseries and stuff.

First off, to the couple I gave a ride home to on Saturday who were celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary, congratulations and thank you very much for the extremely generous tip!!! I wasn’t quit aware of how much money you had given me until after you went into your house. And speaking of anniversaries, I’m going to be picking up Lisa and her husband this Saturday at the Oxford Inn, and taking them to The Comedy Castle as they celebrate their 23 wedding anniversary! Should be fun. I’m hoping to get a couple of balloons for the occasion, but apparently, as of last week, there was a nationwide helium shortage(what?!?).Perhaps, I should invest all my money in helium. Oh wait, I have no money. That’s why I drive a bicycle taxi!


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The best part of my job is…

The people I meet:

Have a special occasion?

Make sure you include a special ride in your celebration. Call me at 313-421-0029, and I’ll help you get around town on your big night.

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