Four people?!? Never again!!!

It was late Saturday night, or I guess technically early Sunday Morning. I was feeling cocky, I admit it. I had just taken a fare to John R north of 11 mile, the farthest I had gone. So when the girl asked me if I could take four passengers at one time, I didn’t immediately say no. I looked the bunch over, four  twenty something females, not  a big one in the group. I wanted to see if I could do it. I felt up to the challenge. I told them to climb on.  I wasn’t a long ride, from O’toole’s to Mr. B’s. As I slowly got started, people doubted me, my passengers and pedestrians alike. The openly  mocked me as I grunted and grimaced and struggled to get moving. My legs screamed, my bike groaned(or was that me) but I slowly, painstakingly made my way. I faced many obstacles along the way:red lights, pedestrians. one of the girls excessively touching my backside, but I overcame it all. I would not be deterred. Finally, I got them to their destination! There was applause and cheers at the end  ( OK, not really, but there was a drunk guy who seemed thoroughly impressed) and as I unloaded my fares, I knew that the next time someone asked me if I could take four people at once, I could look then in the eye and say,”Hell no!!!!”

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