Mary’s birthday parade.

Mary’s Annual Birthday Parade

If you didn’t witness Mary’s fifth annual birthday parade this past Saturday, than you really need to question what you are doing with your life. To say it was a blast, would be a major understatement! The Mary I’m referring to is of course, Mary Matijow Thumm. Five years ago, on a drunken bet with her friend Laura, she held an impromptu birthday parade and like everything that starts with a drunken bet, it turned out to be a great idea. The parade has grown in size and magnitude every year and this year I was honored to be part of it. The birthday girl, dressed as Marie Antoinette, rode around in the back of my pedicab, as we led the parade. There was a spaghetti man with a megaphone, a gorilla, an Uncle Sam on stilts, and countless others. We paraded down the streets of Royal Oak much to the delight of the crowds, and we even stopped at Drag Queen bingo! The drag queen thought we were a bunch of weirdos! How cool is that?!?  The parade finished off back at the VFW hall, were it started at, and Mary and her friends finished off the night with games and music and a few adult beverages. My job is fun, did I mention that?!?

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