Arts, Beats, and Eats… and cuteness… and drunken debauchery!

This lovely young lady is my good friend Montana. I had the pleasure of taking her and her mother (Kacey) and her grandmother (Renee) to and from their car during Arts, Beats, and Eats this weekend. This photo is a good reminder to me that Arts, Beats and Eats is a wonderful, family event,and it’s not all about drunken debauchery. (Although, drunken debauchery is a good portion of it). Let’s just put it this way: Montana behaved much better than many of the adults I carted around the past couple of days! Now, I’m not really complaining. Transporting people who have enjoyed a few adult beverages is a big part of what I do and we are all grateful that these people are taking a ride on a pedicab and not driving. On this holiday weekend though, people seem to take it to a whole other level. From the gentleman who had to pick up his wife off the sidewalk to get her in the pedicab, to the fifty-year-old ladies who tried to light up a joint as I took them home (I had to just say no and make them put it out), to the healer/witch who gave me a pearl to ward off evil spirits, it’s been an entertaining weekend, to say the least. Oh, and full disclosur: I have to admit stupidity isn’t exclusive to the drunks. I may have topped them all. For one ride, I loaded five people on the back of the pedicab! Even though they were small, it was a bit much. A police officer pointed out to me that it probably wasn’t the safest thing to do and he” suggested” I should probably keep it to three passengers or less. That’s a suggestion my knees and I will gladly abide by. Anyway, I’ll be back at it again today, so if you’re in Royal Oak, hail me down!

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2 Responses to Arts, Beats, and Eats… and cuteness… and drunken debauchery!

  1. Jen says:

    I find it amusing that after you leave an entry stating that you would “never again” take four people out at one time, you decide to take five….

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