Atheist and theists and even a violin monster


I have to admit before I started this business, I was not quite aware of all that Royal Oak had to offer. Sure I knew about the all the great restaurants and the bar scene, but there is so much more. On some nights you can find up to a half a dozen musicians and street performers on various corners. You can hear everything from blues to jazz to folk and every now and then there is even a violin monster. (He’s a werewolf who plays violin and howls when you tip him, as if you needed an explanation.) There are hip hop dancers and tap dancers and even an occasional mime. I know crazy huh? Mimes still exist! Also, there are numerous characters and regulars who seemingly hang out on a nightly basis. I know a few of the names, I know a lot of the faces, and I know virtually all of their dogs.   Then there are also people who are trying to advance their causes: Christians and atheists and hare Krishnas and others. (Although, technically I guess the hare Krishnas qualify as musicians, just not very good ones.) The picture above is of an atheist and a Christian, who agreed to pose together for me. The atheists are there almost every Saturday trying to explain their (non) beliefs to people. Our Christian friend is a semi- regular. Now, when I asked these two to pose for me did I rip them from some heated argument? Were they in the process of killing each other and meeting their maker (and non-maker)? No, they were conversing quite amicably. I’m sure they were debating, but it was on a very civil level. It was nice to see two people with such polar opposite beliefs getting along so well. Obviously, with such good behavior, these two have no future in politics!


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