She offered to do what for a ride home?!?

For those two or three people who have read my blog before, you are probably aware that I keep it pretty g-rated. In fact, I would say it’s darn right wholesome. But sometimes, I wonder if this is the way to go. Believe me; I could have a completely separate “adults only” blog which would be quite R-rated. Many of the conversations I’ve had, and many things I’ve witnessed…. Oh boy! In this day and age, people really share (overshare). Pedicab confessions to say the least! “You are going to do what when you get home?” “You want to do what on the back of my pedicab?” I would say I blush at least two or three times a night and that’s not something I easily do. Some of the things I’ve been asked! Some of the things I’ve been offered! Some of the body parts I’ve been shown! Despite the temptation, I think I’m going to keep the blog g-rated for now.  I guess I’ll save all the really good stories for the book. So, for the two, twenty-something girls I pedaled home last Friday at 2:00 a.m., and for the couple I dropped off behind The Inn Place on Saturday, and for the woman who showed me those interesting pictures on her phone… your stories are safe… for now!

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