The 4-1-1 on:

Bikeshaw Sean

What is it? A bicycle taxicab service. Other cool cities — like Portland, OR; Austin, TX and even NYC already have versions of it. Now, Royal Oak will also have it.

What area will it serve? Downtown Royal Oak, mostly. Special requests will be considered. Ask me.

How many riders will it fit? Two

Is it safe? Yes. The bikeshaw is brightly colored, so it is highly visible in traffic. It also is illuminated with LED lights for nighttime jaunts.

How much does it cost? For short trips, the price is…whatever you wish to pay. I mean it. Special trips arranged in advance will have specific prices. Wedding couples, etc. can hire me for $65 an hour.

Why use a bikeshaw to get around? It’s green and it’s fun. You can enjoy the summertime sights and sounds of city streets without worrying about driving and parking. You can even text while you ride. You’ll also get a lot of attention from passers-by, because you’re such a trailblazer.

No, really. How much does it cost? Whatever you want to pay. I’m not kidding. This payment model has been tested by others and it works. You’ll have such a great ride that you’ll tip me – well. For special rides that you arrange in advance, I charge $65 an hour.

Who the heck are you? Click here to find out.

How do I reach you? Easy. Just call 313-421-0029.

Who created your very cool logo? A talented guy named Timm Gillette. He is a graphic designer, photographer and web designer. You can click here to visit his website, or email him at: timmg42@gmail.com.


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